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About Us

Dandu Biosciences Private Limited is a dynamic biotechnology company specializing in the advancement of biosimilars and complex generic products. Our endeavors are spearheaded by a seasoned team of accomplished scientists. At the heart of our innovation lies a cutting-edge peptide platform, boasting exceptionally high yields that significantly reduce production costs. This platform serves as the cornerstone for our ambitious developments in the realms of peptides, proteins, and monoclonal antibodies.​ Commencing our journey in October 2022, we have achieved remarkable progress within a mere year.


Our pioneering product, Liraglutide, has swiftly advanced to the pre-clinical stage. ​Dandu Bio is committed to cultivating a self-sustaining portfolio of products. Presently, Liraglutide is at the pre-clinical stage, while Insulin Glargine and Semaglutide are undergoing optimization, marking our continuous dedication to innovation and excellence.

Our Vision

To ascend as a pre-eminent global authority in the development and manufacturing of biosimilars, delivering pharmaceutical solutions of unparalleled quality. We are steadfastly committed to addressing unmet medical needs by providing accessible and affordable medications to improve the lives of individuals worldwide.

Key products in our Portfolio


Liraglutide is a semi-synthetic peptide that functions similar to natural GLP which aids in controlling glycemic excursions through the augmentation of Insulin and by reducing Glucagon.


Liraglutide has two properties for both blood glucose and weight management -


Diabetes: Liraglutide helps diabetes patients to be less dependent on insulin injection by stimulating glucose-dependent insulin release.


Obesity: Reduces gastric emptying of food and maximizes nutrient assimilation.


When combined with the insulin analog Degludec, Liraglutide helps to reduce the number of daily injections. To support both diabetics and obese patients, Dandu Bio is developing liraglutide in both presentations in auto-injector format.

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