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Product Portfolio: Enzymes

Dandu Bio is developing an enzyme vertical that are routinely used as a KRM to produce food and therapeutic products. These are non-clinical products and can therefore be marketed with fewer regulatory barriers.

Dandu Bio aims to provide R&D and cGMP grade enzymes. 

Chymosin - B

Chymosin is an aspartic endopeptidase used to coagulate milk, allowing it to stay longer in the stomach for better absorption. Due to its broad substrate specificity, it is actively used in the cheese industry.

Dandu Bio's Chymosin-B is intended for the cheese industry to improve yield, texture, and cheese to reduce bitterness.  


Trypsin is one of the best-selling industrial enzymes used in insulin production, cell culture and other applications.

Dandu Bio provides high-concentration trypsin based on Pichia pastoris with high β-trypsin and high photolytic activity.

Carboxypeptidase - B

Carboxypeptidase - B is a highly sold industrial enzyme that is used in insulin(s) production and for reducing lysine variants of cell target proteins.


Dandu Bio provides highly stable, bacterial derived Carboxypeptidase-B in a liquid form.


Enterokinase is one of the highly specific enzymes that cleave at the DDDDK˅ site. Enterokinase is used to produce therapeutic and non-therapeutic proteins/enzymes expressed as inactive or fusion proteins.

Dandu Bio provides a highly active Enterokinase delivered in liquid form. 

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